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Gatwick Business Parking - FAQ's

Why Business Parking?

By opening a business account, you will find yourself saving the pennies while also experiencing a VIP service that the standard Meet and Greet cannot always live up to.

What is Meet and Greet or Valet Parking?

Meet and greet / Valet Parking enables you to pull up right outside the entrance of either terminal at Gatwick, and meet one of our fully identifiable Tudor Rose drivers who will then collect your vehicle. This gives you the freedom to just walk into the terminal without having to worry about your vehicle. Your driver will then bring your vehicle back to our fully secured and manned 24/7 car park.

What is Park and Ride Parking?

You will drive to the Gatwick car park where you will then wait for a mini bus or shuttle to arrive. This can take some time with waiting for other Customers to arrive etc. You will then be transported to either Terminal. This can take up to an hour with some Operations meaning the advantage of Meet and Greet or Valet Parking over a Park and Ride is clear.

Is Meet and Greet expensive?

Absolutely not. If you compared our Meet and Greet prices to that of Gatwick's Official Park and Ride you will be surprised at how similar in pricing it is considering the services are poles apart.

How are you able to afford to provide Meet and greet at these discounted prices?

It's quite simple. Since Tudor Rose was established in 1992, considerable investments have been made into infrastructure enabling Tudor Rose to offer the best parking service at Gatwick for the lowest of prices.

I have noticed that one or two operations provide cheaper meet and greet parking then what you are offering with my business account, why is this?

First of all, please check whether that Company are an Approved Operator at Gatwick. All the approved operators are checked regularly by Trading Standards, ParkMark and Gatwick Airport. They pay a fee to Gatwick to enable us to meet you outside the terminal entrance. Parking with an approved operator gives the Customer the satisfaction and assurance that their car is safe and protected in our custody. If they have cheaper prices then Tudor Rose (we have a price match guarantee) then we can confidently say they are probably not approved!

How do I differentiate between Approved Operators and Rogue Traders?

Gatwick is the only Airport to bring in the Approved Operators Scheme. It is now very easy to discover whether an operation is approved or not by looking out for these few things. If the company does not advertise these on the front page of their website then they are NOT approved. A full list of the approved ops can also be found by clicking this link: Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme

The official Gatwick Approved Operator logo
A Safer Parking award from ParkMark
Evidence of a safe and secure car park and an obvious location
An office landline number as well as a mobile number

Where is Tudor Rose located at Gatwick?

On the Reigate Road. We can be found on Google Earth as well as maps. Our postcode is RH6 0HQ and is a short 3 minute drive up to both terminals. Hookwood Park (our car park) is our only car park.

What happens if there is a problem or a delay on the motorway? I need to be sure I won't miss my meeting.

As a business account holder, you will be our priority. This means that when a delay is caused, whatever the nature (e.g. accident on motorway or near Gatwick) we will prioritise you and whether it be collecting or returning your vehicle we will do our best to do it in record time.

What is the process of meeting your driver at the terminal?

Our driver will be waiting for you at your designated terminal. You will drive in and pull into the Approved Operator's bay (right next door to the passenger drop off bay). All you then have to do is grab a trolley, grab your suitcases and sign our paperwork and before you know it you are sipping tea in the Airport Lounge (or grabbing a cheeseburger from McDonalds, whatever takes your fancy).

Do I need to give notice that I'm a certain distance away from Gatwick?

Yes please! We want our driver to be at the Airport waiting for you so please allow at least 10 to 15 minutes from the time of your call.

Will I be able to easily recognise your drivers?

Yes. All our drivers wear red jackets and red caps and have identification. If you're driver does not have these things then please do not hand your keys over.

Are your drivers insured to drive my vehicle?

Yes - with Agent Dennis Watkins & Co. (Tradex Insurance Co) Comprehensively insured to drive all vehicles on a public road.

Do I need to make all my bookings in advance?

Not at all. We take last minute bookings.
When booking online, will I get a receipt?
Yes - an automatically generated receipt on making your booking and an email confirming the booking.

Can I book by telephone?

Of course. Our number is 01293 822844.

Do you monitor incoming flights?

Yes. So if you are delayed on your return do not panic! We won't deliver your vehicle to you until we have received your call to say you're ready.

On my return, how will you know when to deliver my vehicle back to me?

On collection of your luggage and passing through customs, give us a call on the same mobile number you called on your arrival. Let our controller know you are ready and your car will be delivered to the same point as your drop off.